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Talking Channel - Overcoming Deal Registration Barriers

Claudio Ayub

Hi, everyone. This is Claudio Ayub, Chief Strategy Officer at Parts Worldwide.

One of the biggest barriers to getting deal registration programs to work is lack of trust on the part of the partner and the partner sales rep and sales engineer. And what I mean by lack of trust is that in many instances in the past, some vendors have actually taken the deal direct themselves. And so that creates a big level of mistrust from the partner community. So that's the first barrier that you want to avoid. So your deal registration program has to be based on mutual trust, first and foremost, in order to be successful.

Second, and very important, it has to be easy for a partner sales rep to access your deal registration program and then to register the deal. I mean, I have seen deal registration programs where the partner is required to fill 40 different fields over two or three pages that make them extremely hard to do. And more importantly, even before doing registration, the program has to be simple for the partner sales rep and or the partner to understand. If you put 15 different checks on that deal in order for somebody to register it, nobody's going to register, okay?

So number one, trust. A partner has to trust you to do deal registration. Number two, making it easy to understand the deal registration program and register.

And number three, putting an incentive well ahead of the close in order to increase the number of deals that get registered.

About the Author

Claudio Ayub

Chief Strategy Officer Claudio Ayub brings over 20 years of global channel marketing experience to Perks.He has executed major go-to-market programs for a variety of vendors, including Bing, Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, Kaspersky, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Seagate, Symantec, and VMware among others.

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