What’s Safety Got To Do With It?

September 5, 2014 Perks Admin


Have you recently reviewed your company’s current safety results and any impact the accidents have created for your company? When you add in lost days of work, ER visits, and workmen’s compensation it can be very expensive on your bottom line.


Safety Incentive Programs: Wellness model

Here is an example of safety communication:

“In 2011 we logged 3,500,000 million safe work hours vs. a goal of 3,000,000 while safety accidents reported was 46 for 2011 down from 96 for 2010. Costs of the accidents for 2011 totaled $846,000 vs. 2010 figure of $1,354,000.”



Keeping your Workers and your Reputation Safe 

After researching your company’s safety statistics, it’s important to highlight anything that could pose a potential threat to your overall safety culture. Although workers well-being is the primary issue at hand, there is also risk of your company’s reputation if you do not have an outstanding safety record or worse yet have accidents that lead to fatalities. Corporate social responsibility plays a large role in consumer’s buying habits and you cannot afford to have your name in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

At the heart of the matter are your workers.  They do not want to bring injury on themselves but they need to be reminded of why your company has certain protocols to maintain a safe work environment. Your workers want to end their shift safely so they can go home to their family.

Safety Incentive Programs

By setting a Safety Incentive Program in place for your company, you will be creating not only a safer work environment, but also a higher morale among workers. When employees are rewarded for practicing safe behaviors, identifying new workplace hazards, or being accident-free for a given period of time,  just to name a few, they will be motivated to stay accident-free and feel appreciated by employers. By implementing a Safety Incentive Program you are creating a culture of safety that will last well-beyond a simple safety meeting held once a year.

We’ll leave you with these facts from OSHA:

  • Each year, more than 6,000 employees in the United States die from workplace injuries and 50,000 more from illnesses caused by workplace hazards.
  • 6 million Americans suffer from non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Workplace injuries create estimated direct and indirect costs of $155.5 billion, which is almost 3 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product.
Tell us, what kind of safety goals does your company have set in place?
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