Partner Specialization Areas to Engage the New Buyer

What are the key areas of specialization partners need today to properly engage the new buyer?

Wow, that's a big question that really requires a one-on-one conversation, but I can touch on the most critical areas here. There are three things I believe vendors need to teach partners today in addition to product areas.

Recognizing the new buyer's journey is key. Partners need to understand how buyers buy today for them to be able to successfully use all the marketing content that you make available to them.

It’s also important for partners to recognize demand type. Right? If you're going to engage a buyer that is doing 65% to 75% of their research online, how do you recognize what they're looking for? So, there is the need to educate your partners about recognizing the demand type.

The last critical point is the need to educate partners on a multi-touch nurturing approach with their buyers.

When it comes to channel marketing, those are three very basic areas of specialization that partners are just not doing today.

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