Three Steps to Boost Channel Partner Demand Creation

Q: Is there anything I can do to boost my partners usage of my campaign/demand center materials?

A: We’ve heard this one before! You provide your partners with access to marketing automation tools and lots of content to assist your partners through the sales cycle. Yet utilization is low! You’re not alone; a recent SiriusDecisions’ survey concluded that only 17% of partners really use these tools.

These partner services can work more efficiently for you with some small tweaks and re-investment to educate and incentivize the right persona for marketing activity within your partner base type. Here’s a ‘3 steps to success’ infographic with a suggestion on how to re-look at this area.

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Perks WW Channel provides services and software to help you engage your B2B and indirect channel partners to improve sales effectiveness. With a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and a global user base exceeding 9.25 million users, Perks WW Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs. Our solutions empower leading global enterprises with the sales and marketing programs they need to produce a competitive advantage through their indirect sales channels. The available solution set encompasses the three most critical areas to optimize indirect channel performance: marketing enablement, incentive management and global managed services. We provide these services to some of the most influential companies in the world, all backed and supported by years of expertise.

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