Perks WW to Host Online Workshop on Sales Incentives

Perks Plans Online Workshop that will Focus on the Right Sales Incentives for a Buyer-Controlled Market

Leading incentives and loyalty company to host webinar about using incentives to reshape sales force behaviors and align with the buyer’s journey.

According to Forrester Research, today’s buyer is 74 percent done with their journey before they engage with a salesperson. Perks is hosting a webinar on April 27, 2017 to address this shift in buying behaviors and share advice on how sales leaders can use sales incentive programs to adjust their salespeople’s process to fit the new buyer’s journey.

Perks’ Chief Strategy Officer, Claudio Ayub, and Chief Marketing Officer, Deb Broderson will speak about the impact of empowered buyers to both the direct and indirect sales pipelines. Webinar attendees can expect to walk away with an understanding of the digitally-connected customer’s behavior and a strategy for using sales incentives to align their sales force activities and behaviors around the buyer’s journey.

Ayub and Broderson have a combined 50 years of experience in the sales incentive industry.

People interested in attending the webinar, Sales Incentive Programs that Drive Success, can do so here.



Of the changing sales dynamic Ayub says,

“During a recent SiriusDecisions Sales Leadership Exchange the question was asked, ‘Which of the following best describes your direct and indirect organization’s current sales process?’  And the responses were surprising… we still have 30 percent of sales reps using his or her own process, and another whopping 58 percent of sales reps have an internally-focused activity-based sales process. That means that almost 90% of sellers are not aligned to the buyer’s journey. That is why by changing these metrics in your organization you can outperform the competition!”


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