Call Center Gamification Can Transform Your Organization

March 5, 2016 Deb Broderson

Call Center Gamification

Gamification, when used in a well-designed engagement program, results in more engaged and productive workers. That is true through-out the organization and this research can and should be applied to the Call Center agent.  

Why Call Center Gamification?

Let's face it,  the call center is a tough place to work.  According to a report from Dimension Data:

  • Customer satisfaction levels are down 4 years running as are first contact resolution rates
  • The average annual (unplanned) absence rate in the contact center is 11%  
  • Attrition levels are up 26%

All this is occurring at the same that organizations want to improve the customer experience and provide a more consistent experience to their clients.  

The idea behind gamifacation is not converting the work environment into a game – that's the wrong approach. gamifacation is just using data in a useful and smart way to drive people's behaviors.
Oscar Giraldo (Founder & CEO of Playvox)


Addressing the challenges or your specific organization requires research identifying areas of focus,  but generally,  by incorporating elements of entertainment, instant gratification, dynamic game mechanics, and an organized and relevant program structure, workers feel more encouraged to participate, recognize, work productively, and ultimately earn points.

A well-designed gamified recognition program combines ease of use with timely communications, consistent gratification, meaningful recognition and rewards, and concisely measured efforts, making the rewards structure an equal playing field for everyone.

Information is Power

The ability for workers to see their points, tokens, badges, leaderboards and progress within the program, in real time, allows them to translate their efforts into real value – both monetary and non-monetary.  The idea is to encourage the Contact Center agent to feel as though he or she is constantly achieving success and earning points, creating the desire to obtain maximum points for a more gratifying experience. Additionally, game mechanics can promote peer-to-peer recognition, further enhancing camaraderie, productivity, and employee interaction, bringing them closer together as a team.  


Peer to peer recognition helps accelerate the spread of recognition and performance standards from within the organization and highlights what is important and who is accomplishing those important activities. Most importantly, the points employees receive directly reflect their efforts. In that sense, each employee will be intrinsically motivated to stay at a point level he or she thinks best reflects his or her personal efforts, while being extrinsically motivated by peers via a constant social recognition feed. 

Keep in mind that gamification is not the end goal,  but a means to the creation of targeted and sustainable behavioral change in the Contact Center.  The successful incorporation of game mechanics requires design flexibility targeted to the Contact Center location. Promotions may be global, but the tactics used to achieve the required KPIs require customization for your different employee locations. People are motivated differently.  A successful solution will maximize your agents’ motivation and create more tailored gamified approaches to target your unique employee behaviors, cultures, languages, needs, and desires based on location.  

Tell us,  what are you doing?

About the Author

Deb Broderson

Deb Broderson comes to Perks with 30 years of diverse experience leading channel marketing, marketing operations and program management teams within the technology industry. Deb has provided strategic direction to Fortune 500 clients, developed and executed global, multi-channel, go-to-market strategies and created worldwide field marketing organizations. Deb has worked on both the agency and client-side of the business, providing a well-rounded perspective to client challenges. Deb was honored as one of the Top 50 Channel Chiefs in North America by CRN.

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