How to Improve Channel Marketing Automation Tool Use

Claudio Ayub

We have a channel marketing automation tool that receives very little attention from our partners. How can we increase usage on the tool and improve our through partner marketing results?

Ah yes, the channel marketing automation saga continues…

Channel marketing automation technology (also known as CMM - channel marketing and management technology) is supposed to help vendors provide partners with marketing enablement, resources, programs, and tools for driving awareness, generating demand, and building pipeline within partners’ target markets. BUT! And this is a big but, in most cases, it receives very little attention from partners, as the inquirer points out.

The CMM value proposition is very strong; by automating channel marketing processes, activities and support of marketing to, through, and for a vendor’s partners, CMM solutions allow vendors to increase the scale of partner-led marketing. Yet vendors who go to market through the channel often struggle to understand the low partner adoption rate, and why those partners who use their CMM solution don’t hit the mark.

So, the answer to the question about how to increase utilization and improve through partner marketing results, is a marketing certification or accreditation (if certification seems too strong a requirement for you) program. Marketing education for the partner marketing role, has become an essential component to improving the performance of partner-led demand creation, as these programs address partners’ skills gaps with a structured development path and incentive (e.g., certificate or badge for completing training and a relevant incentive).

One typical example of the type of training is partners becoming knowledgeable in relative targeting techniques for identifying high-probability buyers within their target markets. Another potential course could cover the design and execution of multi-touch, buyer-focused campaigns and programs.

So as not to turn this answer into a book, here is a link to an eBook we wrote on how to put together a marketing certification/accreditation program.


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