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November 23, 2015 Perks WW Incentive Programs

3 Reasons Your Best Employees are Quitting
An October 2015 Gallup poll of more than 13,000 employees found that the last time respondents changed roles in their career, 93 percent also changed employers. Considering this, many employers are desperately trying to figure out why so many employees are leaving...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Lack of Employee Engagement Can Be a Costly Disadvantage
Are your employees engaged in their work? Does it make a difference if they are not? According to a 2014 Gallup poll on this subject, almost 70 percent of American workers are either not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. In addition, Gallup noted in its 2013 State of the American Workplace report that this widespread indifference among employees cost businesses an estimated $450 to $550 billion annually…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Who Drives Employee Engagement — Manager or CEO?
A recent Wall Street Journal article explored a unique situation at Twitter. The eminent tech company’s analysis of its internal data, conducted by Twitter’s “people scientists,” indicated that “Instead of managers being the primary driver of engagement, our CEO was the primary driver of engagement.” To what extent is this the case for organizations in general?…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Employees Who Use Their Strengths Outperform Those Who Don’t
How often are employees asked, “Do you get to use your strengths at work every day?” Giving employees the chance to excel by doing what they do best every day seems like a no-brainer. In too many organizations, though, encouraging employees to know and use their strengths at work is limited to a guerrilla movement… Link to complete article (opens in new window)

This Is How Millennials Will Change Management
Baby boomer managers can be credited with creating employee support programs. Generation X managers can be credited with making the workplace more informal, making the term “business casual” commonplace. What will the next breed of managers bring to the workplace?…Link to complete article(opens in new window)

When It Comes to True Employee Engagement, No Pain Equals No Gain
The mainstream portrait of employee engagement is a utopian scene, where smiling employees work harmoniously and collaborate effectively as productivity skyrockets. But the sobering truth is that creating true employee engagement within your company is a painful process that is often both messy and difficult…Link to complete article  (opens in new window)

Well-Being Enhances Benefits of Employee Engagement
Two major factors influence employee performance, Gallup has found: engagement and well-being. Gallup measures engagement for employees through the Q12 survey, which consists of 12 actionable items with proven links to performance outcomes. And with Healthways, we measure well-being through five elements that are crucial to a life well-lived…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

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