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November 23, 2015 Perks WW Incentive Programs

Talent Management Tops Global HR Challenge: New Study
Relocate Global
Respondents to the survey – candidates, clients and members of Elliott Scott’s social network of HR managers and directors – also gave their insights into key workplace satisfaction indicators and talent management, including details about the length of current employment, pay rise and bonus perceptions, the role of HR leadership in the organisation, and engagement…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Five Companies Tell Us How They Retain Their Best Talent
The 2015 job market outlook is unequivocally positive. Even with a dip in February employment numbers from severe weather across the nation, the overall prospects for job seekers are the best they’ve been in over a decade, with job openings at their highest level in 14 years. That’s why employers need to improve their old strategies to retain the best and brightest in their workforce…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

How Can Five Generations Possibly Work Together?
Millenials have been the talk of the business world, and for good reason – in under 10 years they will make up 75% of the global workforce. But talent management must focus on all talent, not just emerging talent. The ranks of the traditionalists and Baby Boomers is shrinking, and Gen X is too small to fill the gap. So to fill all positions, we all have to retain top talent, regardless of age…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

10 Reasons your Top Talent Will Leave You
Have you ever noticed leaders spend a lot of time talking about talent, only to make the same mistakes over and over again? Few things in business are as costly and disruptive as unexpected talent departures. With all the emphasis on leadership development, I always find it interesting so many companies seem to struggle with being able to retain their top talent…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

The Millennials: A New Generation of Employees, A New Set of Engagement Policies
Ivey Business Journal 
For years, employers have been aware of employee engagement and retention issues in their workplaces. These organizations have engagement policies that typically address engagement for the organization under one policy, without any differentiation for the generations of employees…Link to complete article (opens in new window)

The U.S. Chairman of PwC on Keeping Millennials Engaged
Harvard Business Review
As one Millennial in our study put it, “The guys in my generation want fast-growing careers. We want everything now.” Another said, “I think older generations think people spend their whole lives in one company, but younger generations do not think that way. If the work doesn’t really interest you, you can quit in two years or three years. ..Link to complete article (opens in new window)

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