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January 14, 2016 Perks WW Employee Experts

Why Culture Is More Important Than You Think!
Your company culture is the unique collection of values that defines for your organization, what is and is not tolerated, accepted, and lauded. If corporate transformation sounds difficult, that's because it is...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Power To The People: Four Ways Corporate Culture Became People-Centric In 2015
The past year saw a remarkable amount of transformation with how companies hoped to make corporate culture people-centric. The biggest observation? A great place to work is really about designing an organizational structure that allows people to excel...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Employee Happiness Is Key Predictor of Loyalty
Bloomberg BNA
Tracking employee happiness can help employers determine which workers are most likely to leave the organization and how to get them to change their minds, according to a report released by Swedish-based employer branding firm Universum...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast: And It's  Not as Hard to Shape as You Think
Huffington Post
An oft-quoted statement from acclaimed management consultant Peter Drucker asserts that "culture eats strategy for breakfast."
Yet even today, many companies pay more attention to their strategies than their underlying culture, often at the expense of success. ...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Why Google, Target, and General Mills Are Investing in Mindfullness
Harvard Business Review
When was the last time you sat quietly at your desk and did nothing but think? How would you react if you observed a peer, employee, or manager doing so? Encouraging employees to slow down to focus on the present can seem at odds with a corporate culture of speed and goal attainment...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015
The percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were "not engaged," while another 17.2% were "actively disengaged." The 2015 averages are largely on par with the 2014 averages and reflect little improvement in employee engagement over the past year...Link to complete article (opens in new window)

Employee Referrals Lead To Far More Successful Job Matches
Taking advantage of one’s professional network has long been viewed as the best way to find a new job, but a new study released this week by job search and salary comparison site Glassdoor confirms that candidates referred to a company by an existing employee have the best chance of receiving and accepting a job offer...Link to complete article (opens in new window)


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