Employee Industry News: November 2016

November 30, 2016 Perks WW Employee Experts

We’ve been reading up on employee motivation recently. Here are a few articles that explain the what, why and how of motivating your team.

Just Say ‘Thank You’ to the People You Work With
Psychological research in recent years has, in fact, shown evidence for the motivational powers of a little appreciation at the office, writes journalist Janice Kaplan in her new book, The Gratitude DiariesRead the article.


Former Walmart.com CEO Explains How to Nurture Star Employees
Yahoo Finance
High-potential performers (or Hi-Pos) stand out due to their associative thinking skills—which help solve problems and drive innovation—their strong emotional awareness, and their incredible perseverance, according to Carter Cast, a clinical professor of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Kellogg School and former CEO of Walmart.com, a division of Walmart (WMT). Read the article.


At Work, Men are More Motivated by their own Success than Women
A new report sheds light on how employee engagement differs by gender. Read the article.


Millennials want Jobs that Promote their Well-Being
Work-life balance is increasingly important in today's job market, but it's especially crucial to millennials. Read the article.


The Nine Types of Employees – and How to Motivate Them
The Guardian
According to motivational expert James Sale, we have our own unique blend of motivators. By identifying these nine motivators in your team and adapting your leadership style to each employee, you will be able to better engage staff to succeed in their roles. Read the article.

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