Accelerate the Partner’s Journey (time to revenue)

November 17, 2016 Claudio Ayub

Driving effective channel performance means lowering time to revenue for new partners

Channel leaders at top vendors agree that to be successful, they must evaluate their partner recruitment and development programs from the partner’s perspective. Consequently, vendor channel marketing teams are scrutinizing each stage of the partner’s journey, and evaluating what questions partners may have, and how their decisions will be shaped by the answers they receive.

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The fact is that just as your organization will have a buyer’s journey, there is also a need to understand that there is a partner journey - which all partners go through, across their lifecycle with a given vendor.

The only way to accelerate a partner’s time to revenue, is to incent your partners through their journey, from becoming partner suspects, through to converting to active and productive partners.

The challenge?

The challenge is to find the right level of investment between programs to optimize the sales and marketing performance of your channel partners (effectiveness) without overspending (efficiency). To be successful in aligning incentives to the partner journey, suppliers need to consider the partner’s journey stages, and the personas that are involved within each stage, to deploy channel incentive programs that engage and motivate the partner’s advancement through their journey.

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Driving effective channel performance means lowering the time to revenue for new partners, and helping existing partners improve their ability to build their pipeline and attain higher close ratios.

To help channel marketers better understand the different stages and personas associated with the partner journey, and ensure they are effective and efficient accelerating time to revenue, Perks WW | Channel and SiriusDecisions have put together a webinar which will walk you through each of the five stages and key personas, involved in the partnership decision making processes. In addition, using the Perks WW | Channel incentive framework, will guide you through a structured approach to aligning incentives that accelerate the partner journey.

For more information,  check out our on-demand webinar on accelerating the partner’s journey. 

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About the Author

Claudio Ayub

Chief Strategy Officer Claudio brings over 20 years of global channel marketing experience to Perks. He is a loyalty marketing expert with broad knowledge in strategy development, market management and channel sales planning, who has developed and executed major go-to-market programs for a variety of vendors, including AMD, Bing, Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, Kaspersky, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Seagate, Symantec, and VMware among others.Claudio is a management strategist with cross-functional expertise in business, finance, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and customer relationship management; an area he has excelled at by executing complex CRM implementations, customizations, and business process re-engineering for CRM applications. He keeps current with changes in technology and is passionate about the business implications of new technology. Claudio is an avid social media user and early adopter of social CRM.

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