Webinar: Accelerating Partners for Life

Perks WW Channel teams with AchieveUnite for new, educational Webinar: Accelerating Partners for Life
Attendees will gain insight on how incentives encourage the right behaviors and generate long-term partnering success.
Perks WW Channel, a premier provider of channel incentive programs that drive business performance, is partnering with AchieveUnite on May 30, at 1:00 p.m. EST, to offer a powerful webinar, Accelerating Partners for Life.
Theresa Caragol, Founder and CEO at AchieveUnite and Claudio Ayub, Chief Strategy Officer at Perks WW will discuss the six ingredients of long-term channel relationships, give an overview of the partner journey and offer an incentive framework that accelerates the partner’s journey and time to revenue.
“Failing to engage partners throughout their journey results in low satisfaction, increased time to revenue for the partner and eventual program participation drop-off,” says Ayub. “During our webinar, we will discuss how the vendor must consider the partner’s journey stages and key personas during those stages to properly motivate advancement through programs and strengthen partner engagement.” 
Caragol is planning to present her organization’s Partner Lifetime Value®, which measures the values of channel partnerships. She says, “With Partner for life (PLTV®) we have uncovered 6 ingredients for successful long-term partnerships that can accelerate overall company and channel revenue growth.”
Key takeaways from the webinar include:
The six stages of growth in the partnership relationship
The key personas involved in the partnership decision making process
An incentive framework to accelerate the partner journey
To attend this webinar, register here.
About Perks WW Channel
Perks WW Channel provides services and software to help you engage your B2B and indirect channel partners to improve sales effectiveness. With a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and a global user base exceeding 9.25 million users, Perks WW Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs. 
Our solutions empower leading global enterprises with the sales and marketing programs they need to produce a competitive advantage through their indirect sales channels. The available solution set encompasses the three most critical areas to optimize indirect channel performance: marketing enablement, incentive management and global managed services. We provide these services to some of the most influential companies in the world, all backed and supported by years of expertise and our Science of Motivation™ methodology.
About AchieveUnite
AchieveUnite's partner consultancy services and channel business programs transform organizations by leveraging revenue growth and building strategic alliances and partnerships. AchieveUnite helps companies of all sizes generate maximum results from their channel and alliance partner organizations. AU is a performance partnering company built by experts with over 100 years of experience in partnering, sales, channel leadership, and collaboration. https://www.achieveunite.com/
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