MDF Program Strategy Blueprint

Although market development funds (MDF) and cooperative marketing (Co-op) are pillar programs in the channel, many marketers are not fully utilizing the potential of these programs to set themselves apart from the competition. Why? Many promotional allowance programs need a hard refresh to overcome an unwieldy design. 

MDF programs present a variety of pain points for channel marketers—managing budgets, global payments, attending to multiple go-to-market models, and lack of insight into return on investment are just a few. 

The complexity of MDF programs doesn’t just affect vendors. Channel partners run into trouble administering cumbersome programs, tracking reimbursements, dealing with slow payments, and executing marketing programs. 

So how does one address these obstacles without dramatically increasing spending or adding resources? This infographic outlines ten strategies you can use to create a modern MDF/Co-Op program guaranteed to improve your channel engagement and partner relations.


About the Author

Craig DeWolf

Craig DeWolf, Perks WW VP, Marketing Enablement, has over 30 years of channel program and trade marketing experience spanning a variety of industries and distribution models including technology and consumer product companies. As Vice President, Marketing Enablement he provides a unique multi-industry perspective gleaned from a background working across agency, supplier, and vendor/manufacturer roles. Craig has engaged with key business partners and worked with a variety of clients on both channel and trade strategies and programs, including: AT&T, Apple, Avaya, Bridgestone Goodrich, Canon USA, Hewlett-Packard, Kraft, Oracle, Panasonic, Timex and Xerox. Immediately before joining Perks Worldwide, Craig held senior roles at Hawk Incentives, Hawkeye Channel, and CCI—a work history that shows his deep understanding of the channel space.

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