The CAM's role in Channel Partner Program Success

December 28, 2016 Claudio Ayub

Manage, Motivate, Collaborate.

CAMs wear many hats. They are a Business Leader, Sales Leader, Vendor Ambassador, and Coach. 

The relationships CAMs have with their channel partners must increase the partner’s revenues and profitability and help expand their market share. CAMs must recognize and treat the partner relationship as a business relationship rather than as a vendor/reseller relationship.

CAM Objectives

Success requires three primary objectives as outlined below:

Recruit: CAMs create and deliver a plan that enables your organization to recruit partners more efficiently and to accelerate the partner qualification process. Ensure a prospective partner’s value to the vendor is adequately assessed when engaging during the initial partnering sales cycle.

Enable: CAMs standardize and enhance the framework and process for planning, business reviews, and ongoing partner management. Provide the right tools, information and resources at the right time to increase partner speed and productivity.

Grow: Communicate a more holistic and strategic value for the vendor’s solutions. Modulate communication to various levels – from mid-level managers to C-level budget owners.

Time management is a key to success

CAMs know they must manage their time effectively, the question is:

What is an effective use of CAM time?

Here is an example of time management guidelines that will help you and your CAMs to invest time appropriately and stay focused on their key priorities:

A top performing CAM will take the lead in transitioning the partner from strategy to execution and they will rally the partner and his/her team around the execution of their plans.

 What are you doing? 

Tell us!

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Claudio Ayub

Chief Strategy Officer Claudio Ayub brings over 20 years of global channel marketing experience to Perks.He has executed major go-to-market programs for a variety of vendors, including Bing, Cisco, Dell, EMC, IBM, Kaspersky, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Seagate, Symantec, and VMware among others.

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