Evolution for a Seamless and Cohesive Experience

Chuck Foster

I was recently reading a Harvard Business Review article “The Truth about Customer Experience” and found a quote that aptly explains the benefit of a ‘single codebase’ from the customer’s perspective.  By single codebase we mean multiple components, seamlessly bound, that address a customer's needs in a way that the individual components cannot deliver on their own.  The article makes this critical point, that so often gets lost across functions, autonomous teams and multi touchpoints.

From a customer’s perspective, the most important part of a product is often not its individual features, but rather how those features come together to create a seamless and cohesive experience. “ 

- Harvard Business Review, “The Truth about Customer Experience” .

With a single-code channel partner platform rather than multi-supplier solutions under SSO (incentives, spiff, rewards, MDF/Co-op, rebates etc.) your partner program can seamlessly evolve; bringing collective business benefits to you and your partners.


The Benefits of a Seamless Partner Program Experience

Customer Benefits

  • Simplification of program admin with set up wizard enabling easy creation and modification without IT assistance.
  • Familiar, consistent UX across program types.
  • Single issue escalations and alignment of UI regardless of program type.
  • 360◦ partner performance view across applications enabling better partner selection and support to maximize business.
  • Benefit from supplier monthly platform upgrade releases – new features, improvements.
  • Manage the partners and users once with a shared single database across modules.

Partner Benefits

  • Faster serve up of incentives, funds, and spiffs to your partners to address the marketplace and sales requirements.
  • Improved and faster engagement and adoption of program initiatives.
  • Single point of contact across all channel modules and activities.
  • Full engagement and performance view for vendor enabling better partner support and advice.
  • User experience and program remain fresh with partner community – giving a competitive edge.
  • Partners only have one log in/password to remember for all channel modules and activities.
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