10 Peer Recognition Ideas that will Make Your Program Praiseworthy

December 1, 2017 Kleon Van

Peer recognition is an essential element of your employee recognition program. A recognition-rich work culture where employees have the ability to praise their team members, is more likely to have high engagement and retention rates.

Why is peer recognition so effective?

Peers have unique insight into what really goes on behind the scenes -- i.e.  initiatives they are working on, what kind of impacts they’re making, and the number of challenges they face.  Peer recognition is also inclusive, as anyone can give it, and anyone can receive it.

Ready to add a peer recognition component to your employee recognition program?

Here are 10 ideas that will make a peer recognition program praiseworthy.

  • Be quick --  To be effective, recognition has to happen as close to the performance as possible so that accolades can reinforce the behavior.

  • Tie it to rewards -- Recognition is mighty powerful by itself, but with rewards, it can even be more effective. Consider a points-based system that allows employees to earn reward points they can use to purchase merchandise or gift cards.

  • Keep it voluntary -- Mandatory recognition can seem insincere. Authenticity is important. When you sing your peer’s praises, it should be because they’ve done something that makes a genuine impact, not just because you want to reach a quota.

  • Mix it up -- Allow employees to choose what incentives and rewards they receive. As everyone is different, it’s important to have a flexible program that can provide for anyone.

  • Craft your message wisely -- When congratulating peers on a job well done, it helps to be specific so that the message is impactful. Words like ‘because’ can help connect the action and appreciation.

  • Share it with them -- If you think you think your coworker did a great job on something, don’t be afraid to tell them! You may feel like you’re leaving others out, but they’ll get recognized as well!

  • Magnify the value -- Recognition can be powerful when it’s coupled with other forms. If you’ve already recognized them, try writing a note to them personally or sending a company-wide email!

  • Say thanks -- It may seem obvious to say it, but it’s critical to ensure it’s there. A simple “Thank you!” can do wonders for motivation.

  • Be specific with recognition -- When recognizing, it’s important to be specific so the employee will know exactly what they did to garner praise.

  • Tell a story -- When recounting how a team member deserved such praise, telling a story can help solidify the impact of their assistance.

About the Author

Kleon Van

Kleon Van is a Marketing Team Lead at Perks Worldwide.

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