5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Employee Recognition Program

September 11, 2017 Kleon Van

How’s your employee recognition program? If the answer is something other than good or great, it might be time to reassess and fine-tune. Maybe progress towards goals is dwindling, or the program rewards aren’t as effective as before.

To keep your recognition program running at peak performance, you have to raise awareness for recognition, introduce new elements to keep it fresh, and keep managers motivated to recognize others.
In this blog, I’ll outline methodologies to help you jumpstart your employee recognition program!
1) Align Recognition to Organization Goals
Best practices say that when creating your program, it’s best to connect actions that warrant recognition with organization goals. When your program links to the achievements of your organization, you can get real evidence of recognition’s impact on the company’s bottom line. This way, you can identify if recognition helps employee performance.
2) Recognize Using the Communication Avenues Popular with Your Employees
Throughout a typical day, you encounter many different types of communication such as emails, instant messages, social media, etc. Each of these venues is a chance to recognize employees and give your program momentum. To maximize success, select the communication tools that your employees use. For instance, if your organization has a strong interoffice social media page, post employee accolades there. Or, if your employees prefer to gather by the water cooler, hang a poster where everyone can see and discuss the recognition. As I mentioned in a previous blog, recognition doesn’t have to be extravagant. Great recognition is authentic and tailored for the recipient.
3) Raise Recognition Awareness
Awareness keeps your program alive. Try talking up recognition in meetings and with your peers! Share recognition stories on a bulletin, or recognize people publicly so employees are aware that others are being recognized. It’ll illicit a feel good response that will spread to employees who work close to the person recognized.
4) Motivate Managers AND Employees to Recognize
It’s important to ease manager-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognition. Make managers accountable by giving them responsibility for certain recognition objectives. Once they’re accountable, you can follow up with them and make sure they’re using the right tools. If not, help them create a new strategy or technique. Help your employees take part by getting their input. Poll your employees! What would they like to receive? Once they know you’re taking in their thoughts, they’ll work towards those incentives.
5) Create and Support a Recognition Committee
One of the most effective ways to sustain your recognition program is to start a committee whose responsibility is to nominate others. Ideally, the committee should comprise of staff from all areas and levels in the organization. The committee can work together to keep the program fresh by meeting once a month. Be sure to be transparent with your selection process; your employees will appreciate it!
What kinds of things are you doing to help your employee recognition efforts?

About the Author

Kleon Van

Kleon Van is a Marketing Team Lead at Perks Worldwide.

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