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June 13, 2014 Kleon Van

Healthy Employees @ Perks

Throughout college, I’ve had many interesting jobs. None were too dangerous though, unless you count serving a table full of freshmen on Superbowl Sunday at Buffalo Wild Wings.

healthy employeesAfter a chain of wait person jobs and PR and Marketing internships around campus, I took up a job at my university where I evaluated entryways. All 1,500 of them. I loved it; up until I nearly knocked myself out by running into a heavy soundproof door. One hospital trip and two safety run-through meetings later, I realized how valuable Health, Wellness, and Safety Programs truly were to ensure healthy employees. I also realized how much I appreciated my boss. To this day I will never forget how he personally drove me to the hospital or how grateful I was that I had a boss who truly cared. This feeling of appreciation is what motivated me to continue my work and finish the entire entryway project within the following months.

At the end of the day, we all want to be appreciated. This appreciation is what drives the seemingly unattainable productivity that all companies strive for and desire from their workers. I think a lot of us can testify for that. My idea of the perfect solution: the implementation of a Health, Wellness, or Safety Program linked to a rewards and recognition plan. I believe this is the perfect balance.  Create an environment of healthy employees, motivate your employees via tangible rewards, showing them you care, and improving your company’s productivity while reducing costs. Still not convinced your company should implement one or more of these plans with a recognition and rewards program? Consider this Forbes statistic:

“America sees $227 billion a year in lost productivity from absenteeism or presenteeism due to illness.”

The question is: what can your company do about it? The answer is simple. Think about what motivates people and what you can do to support and/or create healthy employees. Think about an incentives and recognition program that rewards employees for making healthy decisions and taking less sick days, for example.

A report conducted in a 2011 Wellness and Benefits Administration Benchmarking Study revealed that of 150 companies, with more than 500 employees surveyed, all had a wellness incentive program in place that motivated employees to make healthier lifestyle decisions and safer choices. The survey further revealed that the number of wellness incentive programs were up by 19 percent from the previous year.

As a business owner or stakeholder it’s up to you to become your company’s superhero. Showing your employees you care in combination with offering them incentives based on reaching health goals, for example, is the healthiest and most up to date weapon in your fight for increased productivity and reduced costs. Happy employees and ample benefits from a business perspective sound just like just what the doctor ordered.

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Kleon Van

Kleon Van is a Marketing Team Lead at Perks Worldwide.

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