Happy Cows and Hands-Free Employee Engagement

July 22, 2015 Perks Admin


Last week I enjoyed watching a video of the “Happy Cow Machine”. A fun video to watch indeed. The Happy Cow Machine is an automatic back scratcher for cows. What a neat idea! What in the world does that have to do with engagement? I’ll tell you.

Employee Recognition programs work. We have the numbers to prove it. However, there is a key ingredient for an employee recognition program to be successful. That key ingredient is engagement. We define engagement as “active involvement” by employees and management.  Recognition programs motivate individuals to become more involved. Employee Engagement is the key… but you already know that.

A vast number of individuals view employee recognition programs like the Happy Cow Machine. You install the Happy Cow Machine, the cows will love it and things will be wonderful, no maintenance required. A cow gets be “rewarded” with a back scratch anytime it is given access to the machine.

Obviously people are not cows, nor should they ever be regarded as cattle. Employees are people. People are extremely complex and the business model is much more complicated . Which brings us to our point:

A “hands-free” employee recognition program does not exist, nor is there a “Happy Employee Machine”. There is simply not “one big fix” that can be implemented and left to run on its own to produce results.

When engagement ceases after a program is implemented the program is doomed. Employee Engagement must be championed. This starts with management and cascades down the employment hierarchy. Managers set the bar. Managers lead the engagement. The more management maintains awareness of the engagement of the program, the more the program can be nurtured to achieve its full potential. Let’s face it. A program left on its own will never produce results. Why would it? The very acts of recognizing and rewarding are grounded in engagement. The frequency of that engagement can be directly correlated to the success of the program.

So where do you start?

GOOD NEWS! Perks provides a number of resources on how to get the most out of your recognition program. From developing and implementing your program to the best practices of running the program, we are giving you these valuable resources free of charge!

Download these resources today and get started on creating an employee recognition program that improves performance, promotes employee engagement and creates a healthy work environment for managers and employees alike.

White Papers

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The Non-Engagement Epidemic


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