Ready, Set, Rethink Your Channel Incentives Program

November 8, 2016 Perks WW Channel

Launch a redefined and redesigned channel incentives program that stems from a more effective, streamlined incentive framework. Here's a brief overview of webinar: A Plan that Pays: Benchmarking an Effective Incentives Program, featuring SiriusDecisions’ Laz Gonzalez and Perks’ Claudio Ayub. Enjoy!

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Perks WW Channel

Perks│Channel provides services and software to help you engage your B2B and indirect channel partners to improve sales effectiveness. With a listing on the Salesforce AppExchange and a global user base exceeding 5 million users, Perks Channel takes the guesswork out of channel incentives and loyalty programs. Utilizing the Perks Science of Motivation methodology, we provide your business with the tools necessary to motivate the people who matter most to your organization. More than software alone, creating best-in-class channel incentive and loyalty programs requires an orchestration of the right strategy and program design to achieve your go-to-market objectives, as well as the right infrastructure and processes to streamline program administration.

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