Keeping Your Employees Focused on Halloween

October 6, 2016 Hannah Sellers

Halloween is almost here, which means employee engagement levels are at risk. Between all of the costume talk and candy eating, how are you supposed to keep your office working? Maintaining employee engagement on any holiday is no easy feat, but there are a few things you can do to help keep their focus.


1.    Let them off early or have the day off.

Image result for ferris buellerIf Halloween falls on a weekday, consider letting your employees take a half day, leave a few hours early or even have the day off. By doing this, employees will stay focused on finishing work during the day so they can leave early and enjoy the holiday. They will gain peace-of-mind knowing they won’t have to rush home to get their children ready for trick-or-treating and will be able to enjoy the holiday stress-free.


When they return from the holiday, they will be more focused to get their work done and happy they had the time off to focus on spending quality time with loved ones on the holiday. If closing the entire office isn’t feasible, consider making Halloween a floating holiday option.


2.    Allow your employees to dress up for Halloween at work.

Image result for halloween costumeWhile allowing your employees to dress up for the holiday may cause a distraction, it’s an easy low-cost way to add a little fun to the office! Letting your employees express themselves at work through their costume is a great way for everyone to get to know each other more and allows employees to show off their interests. Don’t forget to explain that costumes must be work-appropriate.

You could designate a time for people to get together and talk about their costumes by hosting a costume contest voted on by the staff. If you’re looking for more ways to add to the competition, you can give out an award for the employee or team with the best dressed desk! The winner could receive a Halloween-themed reward or gift card!


3.    Have a pizza party during lunch!

Employees love food! Consider ordering pizza or subs for your hard-working office during the lunch hour, and don’t forget about the vegetarians! Everyone will be able to fellowship and perhaps discuss their plans for Halloween during this time instead of during working hours.


4.    Give out rewards.

Everyone loves rewards! If you don’t have time to take out of the work day for holiday celebrations, you could award tickets to local haunted houses, fall festivals, or the latest scary movie to top performing and hard-working employees or teams. This could allow for more team building or give employees the opportunity to do something fun with their family they otherwise wouldn’t have done.

Either way, your employees stay engaged and productive – everyone wins! Perks has a really cool rewards platform that allows you to create personalized promotions where your employees can participate, earn rewards and stay engaged!

The bottom line is give your employees a little extra incentive to work hard and stay focused during Halloween. As an employee, it’s hard to stay engaged when there are costumes to plan, parties to attend, or kids to take care of. The extra push will keep your employees loyal and help them stay engaged.

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