Employee Recognition Programs. Not A Trend, A Necessity.

January 17, 2014 Perks WW Employee

employee recognitionEmployee Recognition programs should never be considered a trend to be used or discarded based on the whims of the market place. Ensuring that your employees are recognized and appreciated should be an ongoing, holistic effort.  Not something only demonstrated annually, at the office holiday party but felt more as the core part of your corporate culture.   Forbes magazine features an article that states:

“a big part of your job is keeping your employees engaged, happy and productive.”

And they don’t mean just at the beginning of the year, when all the buzz you hear sounds like: Are your employees happy?  Will they stay with your company this year?  Are you worried about turnover?  Is your competition doing a better job at creating a happy workplace?   That said, turning your concerns about answering those questions into real engaging employee recognition programs may be easier than you think.  Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Analyze what you currently have in place.  Whether it’s an informal or formal program, an occasional reward/social gatherings or a calendar filled with on-going promotions and events, you can transform these past “pieces” of employee recognition programs which you have been using into a complete program.
  2. Ask questions.  What better way to get information than to talk to/survey stakeholders and employees.  Survey and call potential participants and ask them what is important and what impact employee recognition programs would have on their perception of the company. Find out what elements of a recognition program are important to them, and why.  Link those elements to your  corporate strategy.
  3. Use peer-to-peer recognition as a means of eliminating the hierarchy and side-stepping potential politics associated with employee recognition from management.  Peer-to-peer recognition also offers more immediacy, which reinforces positive behavior.  Sharing recognition through-out the company provides visibility to positive behaviors.
  4. Communicate.  Share information about the survey results and how they drove decisions.  Highlight the promotions asked for by your participants. Communicate regularly and clearly.  Make sure everyone knows how and why you trying engage them and how it fits into the corporate strategy.  It’s for them, for everything they do, to make everyone more successful!
  5. The more employees are part of your success,  the more they Make them feel happy, they will be more engaged and productive.  As Forbes magazine says:  “it’s a big part of your job,” so don’t make this some temporary program, make it real and permanent.

How have you been most successful in preparing for your new employee recognition program?

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Engaging employees of various backgrounds, interests, and generations may seem next to impossible. As an employer you want to reward your workers on an individual and meaningful level for reaching business goals, but may not have the time or knowledge to do so. If your organization is suffering in the areas of: retention, attracting new talent, low satisfaction, or safety issues among others, consider partnering with Perks. By pairing our Science of Motivation™ methodology with your unique business needs, our incentive programs have a proven track record of strengthening all areas of employee engagement, most importantly: productivity and ROI. Our programs provide unique employee engagement solutions by rewarding workers based on performance. Whether rewarding an employee for going above and beyond, referring new talent, or taking the necessary steps to prevent workplace accidents, Perks will work with you to design the ultimate incentive program to meet your needs.

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