Creative Employee Recognition Programs

December 21, 2016 Deb Broderson

Looking for creative employee recognition programs?

A question that comes up regularly is about the type of incentives that produce the best results in employee incentive programs and employee recognition.  I wish there was an easy answer to that question,  but the reality is that is depends on your objectives, the resources available, time-frames, and budgets.   Based upon your situation, some tactics will be more effective than others.

Tactics for your Employee Incentive Programs

No matter what tactics you implement, the planned approach for your incentive or recognition programs should not be temporary.  A fixed, long term strategy is critical to long lasting improvements.  The tactics may change, but your overall structure of your recognition programs should remain as long as possible.  

Creative employee recognition programs help to engage your participants and keep them coming back.  Consider these ideas:

  • Gamification fuels the competitive nature of your workforce and keeps the person engaged through a series of learning based activities.  The end-result of completing various steps can be social recognition, badges and/or points.
  • Social recognition can be used as standalone tactic, creating a way to let participants be recognized and liked.  Who doesn’t want to see that the people they work with value them?
  • Badging programs can be used both as “entry” points for some points-based recognition programs.
  • Debit cards, gift cards, merchandise and travel can be used as stand-alone incentives (rewarding someone for achieving a goal)  or as part of a rewards catalog that is used in points-based recognition programs.
  • Concierge services will bridge the gap of expected versus actual results.  There is nothing better than personal outreach to understand why someone is not participating and/or to help them register, and fully utilize the program.
  • Other tactics include items like PTO, tuition and certification reimbursement or health club memberships.

There are many factors that will determine the boundaries and limits of what will work for your companies recognition programs.  Methods and tactics can be tried and true or something new and creative, what works will vary based upon your corporate DNA and the challenges you are trying to overcome.  If you’re not sure what your audience  will accept,  ask them!

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