Channel Industry News: October 2016

October 31, 2016 Perks WW Channel

In October news Apple takes a dunk, Dell EMC embraces services and your DVR might have been part of this month’s massive DDoS attack.

Dell EMC Channel Chief Byrne Calls Services a ‘Pot of Gold,’ Partners Agree, But Note ‘Knee-Knocking’ Challenges.
Top Dell EMC sales and channel executives say they'll make services – in several forms – a central part of the company's channel strategy, and while partners agree that selling services is lucrative, the say getting into that business can be daunting and risky. Read the article.


DDoS attack on Dyn came from 100,000 infected devices
Computer World
Friday's massive internet disruption came from hackers using an estimated 100,000 devices, many of which have been infected with a notorious malware that can take over cameras and DVRs, said DNS provider Dyn. Read the article.


Apple report third consecutive quarterly decline as iPhone sales continue to slow
The Verge
The big story over the last six months of Apple earnings has been the dreaded decline in iPhone sales. After more than a decade of record-setting revenue growth, the company finally saw consumer demand for its flagship smartphone dip down. Read the article.


Cloud-computing ETF hits new high amid strong industry growth
Companies finding growth from cloud services—or, the online storage of digital data—has become a trend. Last month, Oracle Corp. ORCL, posted revenue growth of 2% in its latest quarter —but cloud revenue growth of 59%. In its most recent quarter, Inc. AMZN,—one of the biggest players in the space—reported sales of $2.89 billion for Amazon Web Services, its enterprise cloud division. That represented growth of nearly 60% for the segment. Read the article.


IBM Aims To Bring Cognitive Computing Closer To Internet of Things
IBM is doubling down its investment in Watson by adding the power of cognitive computing to its IoT platform. With this combination, customers will get best of both worlds – connected devices and artificial intelligence. Read the article.

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