Workers Down with the flu? Perk them Up with an Employee Wellness Program.

December 19, 2014 Perks WW Employee

Invest in Workplace Wellness ProgramsIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but with flu season at its peak, according to the CDC, you “better watch out!”

Did you know, according to a recently published Evive Health article, that worker hospitalization for influenza costs U.S. companies roughly $10 billion each year in addition to an annual $76.7 million due to high absenteeism rates? For lack of better words: that’s a lot of sick people.

The real kicker here is that only 20 percent of American workers, according to the same article, take the initiative to schedule flu vaccinations annually. That means 80 percent of U.S. employees are taking a risk, not just with their health, but with their contribution, or lack thereof, to organizational productivity levels.

With that said, it only makes sense that companies nationwide would recognize the value of investing in employee health on a continuous, annual basis in order to spend significantly less on high absenteeism and hospital expenses.

No matter if you’re a parent taking off work to watch over your sick child, a senior citizen trying to avoid contact with the infected, or an organization reporting a high percentage of sick days for the month of December, the flu season is a bleak time for most everyone.

That is, unless you are not infected.

More and more, organizations incent employees for being proactive in the realm of health and wellness.  If, for example, organizations rewarded employees for receiving flu shots, odds are more than 20 percent of workers would participate. But the idea of rewarding employees for healthy activities extends far beyond a simple vaccination. By implementing an employee wellness incentive program, you will also be promoting an environment of healthy behaviors and actions, which ultimately lead to the extension of employee longevity and, most likely, job satisfaction.

Let’s face it, people are motivated by rewards and by using this common knowledge as a starting point, you as a company stakeholder can ensure that your employees are healthy and motivated while productivity levels continue to increase.

This year, for your company’s New Year’s Resolution, why not set up an Employee Wellness Incentive Program and have healthy and happy employees all year round?





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