What’s Not Hot in the World of Employee Incentives

July 11, 2014 Deb Broderson

employee incentivesA couple of weeks ago I talked about what was hot for employee incentives.  Now let’s talk about what’s not so good when you are planning an employee incentive program.

  1. Cheap rewards.  Cheap, inexpensive and impersonal “rewards” like company swag is usually seen as an underhanded compliment rather than appreciation. Similarly, rewards like trophies and ribbons only have value as part of team events and could be viewed as “lame” if not used carefully. Nobody appreciates getting something they don’t need.  Next time you consider “rewarding” your employees with the company mouse pad..think again.
  2. Must attend events outside company hours:  You might think it sounds like a great idea to have your workforce meet up at the local bowling alley for an evening of team-based fun.  But the truth is American’s already dedicate too much time to the workplace, thus taking time away from other life obligations.  Forcing employees to spend even more time away from their loved ones to attend a company event is likely to spur more resentment than appreciation.
  3. Shifting responsibility:  Some employers may think that “rewarding” employees with additional responsibly should be seen as a kudos.  However, it doesn’t benefit the employee to take on these additional tasks if they aren’t getting compensation in return.  For the employee, this is just extra work for same pay. Consider taking some undesired tasks away as a benefit rather than adding additional to the work load.
  4. Impersonal gestures:  Not knowing your employees and making it show is a sure fire lose-lose.  Be sure not to celebrate the birthdays of those who religious views don’t acknowledge birthdays.  This is a sure sign that the employer really doesn’t know them.  Similarly, don’t give out a Thanksgiving ham to the office vegan.  Get to know your employees and reward them with a personal gift that shows you care enough to get to know them.

Businesses who follow these suggestions are sure to get a more productive and happy workforce.  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make the world of difference to how employees feel about their workplace and management.

Tell us,  what are you doing?


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