Three tips about how to motivate employees

May 2, 2014 Deb Broderson


Howto motivate employeesDeb Broderson, VP of Engagement Marketing

While there is nothing simple about how to motivate employees within your organization,  there are some basics  that are, essentially, table stakes for any Employee Recognition program.  Given that organizations that create a recognition-rich culture enjoy a 31 percent lower voluntary turnover rate*, think of it this way:

Why make meatloaf for dinner, if nobody likes it and everyone ends up leaving and going to McDonalds.

It’s the same with your Employee Recognition program. Every time your organization spends time and money to interview, hire and train someone only to have them leave your organization.  You’ve spend the time and money,  now invest in engaging them so that they say.

How to Motivate Employees

  1. Say THANK YOU!  It’s such a simple gesture and it makes an enormous impact on your organization. Fostering an environment of appreciation and recognition engages employees and creates loyalty.  Integrate online training tools so employees know appropriate types of recognition.  Train managers to understand how and when they should  recognize their employees.
  2. Share Recognition Stories.  Creating a culture of  recognition, requires sharing of recognition.  Saying thank you is the starting point.  Next is to  let other participants know about what their co-workers have done.  Use social recognition feeds, either within your Employee Recognition platform, within your Employee Portal or to tools such as Salesforce Chatter or Yammer. If you don’t have any of these social recognition tools available to you,  discuss them in company meetings, send out updates, talk  about them in department meetings.
  3. Make it easy to recognize.   Fostering a culture of recognition requires ease of access. Recognition is an “in the moment” type of activity.  At the moment someone is thinking about it, they should be able to document the activity.  Technology helps facilitate this ease of use,  but if you don’t have technology,  let people use emails.

Hopefully these three tips about how to motivate employees is helpful.  

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