The Science of Motivation: Strategy to Success

June 12, 2015 Perks WW Employee

Science of Motivation: Cart before HorseHow many times have you been told “not to put the cart before the horse?”

Whether it’s looking up a recipe before throwing all the wrong ingredients together and calling it dinner or doing a cool down before your cardio workout, some things just make sense in chronological order.

When it comes to your Employee Incentive Programs, there’s no exception. Think of it this way:  When creating an Employee Incentive program, it is essential to cater to the desires of your employees, or else watch your program fizzle out with no visible ROI.

Method Matters

When it comes to the Science of Motivation™, starting strategically with a predefined method will make understanding employee motivators a much less daunting task than going off of one or two office suggestions. By following these steps, you as an organizational stakeholder will be able to pinpoint employee engagement levels and strategically implement a program that yields respectable ROI

1) Create an Employee Engagement Panel made up of employees and upper management

2) Measure your company’s current satisfaction and engagement levels via survey

3) Conduct a poll of what motivates employees

4) Combine these results and review

5) Brainstorm a strategy for Success, developing clear objectives

6) Implement this Tailored Employee Engagement Strategy

7) Report ROI for Future Employee Engagement Efforts

Keep in Mind

While end of the year bonuses and company paid lunches boost employee morale and perhaps productivity, these types of rewards are short-lived and do not promote continuous employee engagement on a day-to-day basis. They are also not giving employees the ability to tailor their rewards. According to research from the Center for Concept Development, choice is king when compared to cash. Even if participants choose gift cards over other physical items, the fact that they had the decision power gives them more satisfaction in addition to the reward experience, such as a participant giving a necklace to his or her mom on Mother’s Day, or going on a date night to the movies with their partner.

So, how will you plan your strategy for success?


About the Author

Perks WW Employee

Engaging employees of various backgrounds, interests, and generations may seem next to impossible. As an employer you want to reward your workers on an individual and meaningful level for reaching business goals, but may not have the time or knowledge to do so. If your organization is suffering in the areas of: retention, attracting new talent, low satisfaction, or safety issues among others, consider partnering with Perks. By pairing our Science of Motivation™ methodology with your unique business needs, our incentive programs have a proven track record of strengthening all areas of employee engagement, most importantly: productivity and ROI. Our programs provide unique employee engagement solutions by rewarding workers based on performance. Whether rewarding an employee for going above and beyond, referring new talent, or taking the necessary steps to prevent workplace accidents, Perks will work with you to design the ultimate incentive program to meet your needs.

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