Side Effects of Successful Recognition Programs

July 3, 2015 Deb Broderson


Chris Spann, Sr. Marketing Manager

We often talk about “engagement” with regard to Employee Recognition Programs. What does that really mean? Are we wanting individuals to perform a tangible action? Or something different? Allow me to share with you a recent experience from our very own MyPerks recognition programs.

 A few weeks ago I received an email with the proverbial ASAP request. My initial reaction, like most people, was the sigh of discontent. This was an inconvenience, yet  this person had recently recognized me for helping them complete a project. I remember receiving and reading the recognition; it was obvious there was a personal value to what I had done to help, and it was appreciated. It was very satisfying to be recognized for not just the work I delivered, but also for accomplishing a goal and working in collaboration with a team member.

 Recognition Programs praiseThis time, after my initial sigh, I realized I was shooting the messenger. I knew that they were as reluctant to send the email as I was to receive it. I know all of this because the project we had recently completed, the one for which they had recognized me, was just as much, if not more, of an ASAP request!

I was becoming aware of how I was thinking. My focus calmed away from a thought process of inconvenience to one where I was now thinking about how being previously appreciated was a more positive experience than this was a negative one. Regardless of what we were about to do, I was motivated to get it done and keep moving.

A properly constructed and well-managed Engagement Program provides more than just rewards and recognition, it creates an Engagement Engine™ which keeps the program moving. Receiving recognition and being rewarded should not be behaviors that occur randomly and without pattern.  Each reward and recognition should promote the next and keep the Engagement Engine™ moving.  This can be slow in the beginning and applies responsibility to program implementers to “push” the program forward as it gains momentum.  Nurtured properly, recognition programs become Engagement Engines and create a very positive work environment where appreciation is communicated. Now the engine is gaining speed…

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