Is Your Enterprise Engagement Plan Ready for 2014?

December 19, 2013 Deb Broderson

Deb Broderson, VP of Marketing

Ibusinesst’s that time of year again.  We are looking forward to next year and starting to implement a new or updated business plan.  If increasing levels of Enterprise Engagement is one of your objectives,  have you considered everyone that “touches” your business?

Enterprise engagement programs should be inclusive of all the people that matter most to your company’s success – employees, channel partners, customers, etc.  This isn’t a one size fits all engagement program, it’s about taking the time to understand and design specific programs with targeted goals.

These could be one, or all, of the programs below:

  • A company-wide customized  health and wellness program
  • Safety or education training programs for the employees
  • Sales programs for your channel partners and in house sales reps
  • Customer loyalty, as thanks those customers who complete surveys and interact with your employees, giving you necessary feedback of needed improvements.

All of these communities help steer your company in a positive direction with many different outputs of information, so you must find a way to keep them all engaged.

Now that you have the big picture of the variety of programs available to motivate different groups in your enterprise engagement ecosystem, it’s time to circle in to the details of which programs that are most beneficial to your organization.  Have a management group discussion to prioritize which engagement programs you should prioritize.  Once you have chosen the first program, begin the healthy exchange of ideas with your teams. Our white paper, Enterprise Engagement, Changing the Game has many helpful ideas for your planning efforts.

You want to reach the highest level of engagement possible with everyone in your enterprise circle, the worst mistake you can make is to leave out a group people, that could have made a difference but felt indifferent, not appreciate, unmotivated, not recognized, thus not engaged.

So go ahead, plan for 2014 and don’t leave anyone out!  For more information on Engagement Programs, check out these blog posts.

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