Generation Transition: Get Gamified

August 29, 2014 Perks Admin


Deb Broderson, VP of Engagement Marketing

While Millennials are not yet the majority of the workforce, they will be within the next six years. Perhaps your son, daughter, maybe even you yourself are among this golden group known as Generation Y. Times are changing just like they always have, and just as every new generation before has changed the rules of the game, Millennials are no exception.  No generation before has had as much access, technological prowess, or the infrastructure to share their ideas as quickly or efficiently. The days of checking out library books and using land lines are over. This generation is used to speed, multi-tasking, and working by their own schedule. In other words, these are hard workers who want more control and more flexibility.


“Just as every new generation before has changed the rules of the game, Millennials are no exception.”


In a recent Perks survey of about 130 individuals, we asked for perceptions regarding the idea of gamified elements in the workplace and learned that:

  • Almost 65% of respondents welcomed the idea of gamification at work
  • 6% were reluctant to participate
  • 11% felt it was a deterrent to their work
  • 19% were indifferent

It’s a New Generation

The conclusion seems relatively unanimous. People want gamification- they want to be interactively involved in what they’re doing. Additionally they want to know that the work they’re doing has purpose and that there is a value attached to their efforts. With the new generation of multi-taskers on the rise, you as a business stakeholder have the key to a successful future, if only you decide to open the lock. It is up to you to foresee the changes ahead and plan for a gamified transition if you haven’t already. By creating an online, gamified incentive program for your employees, you’re not only rewarding them for a job well-done, you’re beginning the cycle of employee recognition and appreciation in a way that resonates with them.

Adaptability is Key

Once employees know they are appreciated, they know they have real value in the company and this shows in their quality of work. Productivity rises, job satisfaction, engagement levels-you name it. Whether you are already using gamification in other programs or not-introducing concepts, levels, badges, and interactive challenges into your employee referral program is a one of the best decisions your company can make in preparation for the future workforce generation transition.

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