Communication Plans and Your Incentive Program

January 10, 2014 Deb Broderson

What are the communication plans for your Incentive Program?

Communication plans are an essential element of the success of your incentive program and one that often gets overlooked.  As you develop communication plans, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do your participants understand how the incentive program or engagement program they are participating in fits into the overall corporate strategy?
  • Is there a risk that some elements of the program are being lost in translation or too open for interpretation?

If you are hesitating to answer any of those questions, then please read on!  If you want to truly engagement everyone, you must make certain your new goals are understood from the start.

To start with,  what are your goals?  They may not be the same as last year. Are you simply looking for increases in revenue?  Maybe you want to build more of a team concept in your corporate structure?  How about creating a more collaborative work environment?  A healthier workplace, perhaps?  Do your employees feel that they don’t get enough recognition?  Then your engagement program may want to focus on peer to peer recognition elements.   Or maybe you want to build on your channel partner sales department?  Then you should consider adding on to your sales incentive program to incorporate your channel teams.  Do you want to lower your ever growing health care costs?  A Wellness program may be just what your organization needs.

Once your objectives are in place,  then start the development of targeted, segmented messages based upon a participant’s program, action, inaction, or earnings.  Send generic messages that go to broader audiences.  Both are required in support of each other.  We suggest the use of as many communication channels as possible – email, direct mail, phone calls, surveys posters, etc.

Communication Plans

Whatever your new corporate strategy is for the New Year, make sure you communicate this appropriately to everyone for the highest level of engagement.  The greatest strategy or plans are nothing without proper execution, so communicate, communicate, communicate!

What are the best communication elements you have used, in your engagement programs? 

I'd love to chat!


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