3 Signs Your Company Should Invest In Employee Engagement

December 12, 2014 Perks WW Employee

Employee engagement investmentsWhat would you do with $370 billion dollars? Throw it away?

Well, unfortunately a large majority of U.S. employers are doing just that. They are dumping their cash in the trash due to low levels of employee engagement, which ultimately costs the U.S. economy hundreds of billions of dollars per year, according to Gallup.

So, what can you do as a company stakeholder to prevent this substantial loss and retain your top talent and productivity rates?

First, it is worthwhile to keep an eye out for low levels of employee motivation. Here are 3 tell-tale signs that you need to invest more in employee engagement:

1)  High Turnover Rates

How many workers have you lost over the past year compared to your overall employee count? If this is a high percentage, maybe it is worth investigating into further.  A common method of discovering employee complaints or suggestions would be administering a simple employee satisfaction survey once a month.  In this manner, you can easily pinpoint problem areas or concerns that may be hindering them from tapping into their fullest potential at work.  Similarly, you will be able to note down the things you are doing right from a management perspective and continue to duplicate those tactics, promoting higher levels of employee engagement as it is closely linked to employment satisfaction.


2) Low Productivity

Productivity levels dwindling year after year? Sound the alarm! There should be some tool set in place that allows you to pull up individual or team based ROI statistics instantaneously. For example, having an employee recognition program platform would allow you to create various promotions and track employees’ progress and successes over a certain period of time. In the same manner, you can award employees who meet goals consistently via a point system set in place as part of your program platform. It also serves as an objective way to select “employee of the month” or other special awards throughout the year while building an unwavering loyalty and culture of recognition among workers.


3) High number of work related Accidents

The term “break a leg” has an entirely different connotation here. No employer wants their employees to experience a work-related accident. If your company is prone to or has a high level of on-site accidents, it may be time to invest in some sort of employee engagement program that promotes a safe working environment and employee attitude while incentivizing workers for practicing safe work habits and procedures on a daily basis.


As always, employees are the foundation of you business. These are the people who matter most to your business and should be engaged and motivated on a daily basis. Although it seems like a lofty goal, taking the time to invest in your employees almost always yields  high level results, take our word for it!


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Perks WW Employee

Engaging employees of various backgrounds, interests, and generations may seem next to impossible. As an employer you want to reward your workers on an individual and meaningful level for reaching business goals, but may not have the time or knowledge to do so. If your organization is suffering in the areas of: retention, attracting new talent, low satisfaction, or safety issues among others, consider partnering with Perks. By pairing our Science of Motivation™ methodology with your unique business needs, our incentive programs have a proven track record of strengthening all areas of employee engagement, most importantly: productivity and ROI. Our programs provide unique employee engagement solutions by rewarding workers based on performance. Whether rewarding an employee for going above and beyond, referring new talent, or taking the necessary steps to prevent workplace accidents, Perks will work with you to design the ultimate incentive program to meet your needs.

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