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Caring and Feeding The Wellness Ecosystem

In a world where national health care costs have increased about 10% year over year, companies are grasping with ways to reduce healthcare costs while maintaining a productive and engaged workforce. Many have attempted to provide wellness programs, but struggle to gain participation numbers that are high enough to make an impact. The facts are that costs continue to climb, and people continue to struggle in their desire to change behaviors that would improve their lives, reduce health care expense AND reduce sick days. Before we move forward with an exploration of building a wellness ecosystem, it is important to ask a simple question “Why bother?” A thought provoking article in Fast Company titled “Change or Die” that posed a related question: “If you were told by a doctor, if you didn’t make dramatic changes in your lifestyle habits that you would die an early death…would you change your behavior?” Conventional wisdom says that crisis is a powerful motivator for change, but it does not motivate lifestyle change in most people. Why, in general, is change so incredibly difficult? What is it about how our brains are wired that resists change so tenaciously?

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